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City of Zenith
An automation solution for small, medium,
even large towns, cities, counties and State Agencies

If you're in a municipality, or state agency, if it's smaller you may not have the resources to purchase an automation package in order to move more of your organization's processes from manual paperwork to a more efficient system. Los Angeles or Chicago can afford to spend $100,000 a year on a software package to solve their problems - you can't.
Enter the solution for smaller municipalities, counties and State Agencies. Viridian Development Corporation presents City of Zenith, a new website software package. And you can get it one of two ways: You can get it for a small fee as a hosted service, or if you want, you can run it on your own server.
City of Zenith provides the core functions of most municipalities, including: Licensing, Permits, Scheduling, Work Orders and Service Management, Handling Tickets and Citations, plus the usual business processes: inventory, budgeting, fund accounting, calendar, payroll, billing, vendor management, and many other services.
With most cities having to do more with less, automating time-consuming manual processes is one way to get more done with the people you have.
Download our brochure for more information, and if you'd like the opportunity to take a no-obligation test drive around the City, give us a call!

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express

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